Project Launch: Persian Gulf Water Transmission to Sirjan

Sangan Iron Ore Concentrate Plant (EPC)

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Persian Gulf Star Refinery 29 Storage Tanks (EPC)

Mining Plants Equipment Manufacturing

Gohar Zamin Iron Ore Concentrate Plant (EPC)

Siraf Methanol Storage Tanks (EPC)

Golgohar Iron Ore Concentrate Plant (EPC)

MKA Copper Concentrate Processing Plant

Bio-degradable Products

Bibihakimeh Oil Desalination Plant (EPC)

FST Jalalabad Iron Ore Concentrate Plant

Abadan Oil Refinery Cooling System (EPC)

Central Alborz Coal Washing Plant (EPC)

Khatoon Abad Copper Refinery Plant (EPC)

Sarcheshmeh Copper Refinery Oxygen Plant (EPC)

Lordegan Ammonium Towers Manufacturing & Installation



As a private holding company, NSP Group is known as one of the top 100 companies in the country, while some of its subsidiaries are also amongst the top 100 biggest Iranian companies, compared to IMI ranking system. NSP Group owns some subsidiary companies in various industries, which hold a vast variety of capabilities, required for covering their associated industrial value chains.


December 25, 2022

Winning the title of Steel industry man award

The CEO of Fakur Sanat Tehran Company won the title of Steel industry Man award of the Year 1400

September 12, 2021

Letter of Commencement: Behabad Iron Ore Concentrate Plant

FST Co. has received the letter of commencement for Behabad iron ore concentrate project in September, 2021

August 12, 2021

Letter of Commencement: Torbat Heydariyeh Steel Direct Reduction Plant

FST Co. has received the letter of commencement for Torbat steel direct reduction plant in August, 2021

April 30, 2021

Parandak copper ore site extraction initiated

NFA Co. has started to extract copper ore from Parandak mines in Markazi province

April 9, 2021

MNB; a new acquisition

NSP Group has acquired a new Agrifood company in Khuzestan province

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