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Establishment: 1993

Fakoor Sanat Tehran Engineering Co .(FST) has fulfilled its development trend in completing Iron and Steel industrial chain during decades of its activity. It has effective role in achievement of the target of 55MT/A steel production according to Iran 2025 Plan, by transferring the updated worldwide know-how and localizing the technology. 

FST has got its experience and valuable background by applying the updated knowledge of management and expertise means and based on firm belief on development which is dependent on research and continuous learning. That is why FST is deemed as pioneer in the field of industries in Iran. 

FST brand is reputable nowadays due to its strategic directions and correct decision, which would lead to materialize its mission, in line with its organizational values and the added values. Hence FST is focusing on international market effectively. 

One of the greatest achievement of FST is collaboration with renowned technological firms in order to get the target of design, engineering and execution of industrial plants in Iran and abroad by participation in stock market and management training. 

FST has gained the target of performance enhancement, increasing productivity, environmental protection, and energy saving in its development trend by being joint venture and collaboration with reputable technology owners, as well as recruiting Iranian and international experts and university professors. 

Research & Development center of FST in Mineral and Metallurgical fields is the most famous R&D centers in the Middle East in Iron ore, Copper, and steel making . It has got developed equipment devices and machineries as well as intellectual and genuine experts which is unique in Iran. Submission of many research papers and articles in international conference by the said experts is the good example of its technical capabilities in the international level. 

FST has succeeded to get the research license and other international certificates in design and engineering, and execution of projects, plant operations in mineral processing plants, iron ore concentrate and pellet, steel making plants, copper and aluminum smelting and processing plants, from institutes like TUV NORD, Ministry of Mine, Industry and Trade, Iran Planning and Budget Organization, Industrial Management Organization. 

As a result of such achievement FST is enabled to realize the mineral projects on E, EC, PC, EPC, EPCF basis. 

FST is capable to realize the greatest mineral and industrial projects of Iran based on its experienced employees, collaboration with technology owners and local partners, and nowadays FST becomes a reputable and reliable General Contractor (GC).


  • Important Projects
  • Golgohar Fourth Line Concentrate Plant
  • Golgohar Fourth Line Concentrate Complementary Plant
  • SISCO Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
  • ZISCO Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
  • Shahrak Crushing, Sizing and Enrichment Plant
  • Golgohar Crushing , Sizing and Enrichment Plant
  • Jalal Abad Crushing and Sizing Plant
  • Ardakan Iron Ore Concentrate Re-Grinding and Blain Increasing Plant
  • Sangan Crushing , Sizing and Enrichment Plant
  • Chador Malu Wagon Loading Plant, Station N0.,2
  • Ardakan Iron Ore Concentrate Truck Unloading Plant
  • SISCO Expansion Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
  • ZISCO Expansion Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
  • Golgohar 5&6 Lines Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
  • Golgohar Expansion Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
  • Gohar Zamin Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
  • Gohar Zamin Expansion Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
  • NIMID Co Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
  • KSS Co. Iron Ore Concentrate Plant
  • Jalal Abad Low Grade Hematite Iron Ore Processing Plant
  • Chador Malu Iron Ore Concentrate Tailing Recovery Plant
  • Modification of Choghart & Sechahun Production Line EPC
  • sechahun Co Iron Ore Pelletizing Plant
  • NIMID Co Iron Ore Pelletizing Plant
  • Molybdenum Concentrate Dewatering, Drying, Drum Filling and Copper Removal Plant
  • Khatoon Abad Copper Refinery Plant
  • The largest Water Pipe Transmission Project In Iran
  • Central Alborz Coal Washing Plant