As a private holding company, NSP Group is known as one of the top 100 companies in the country, while some of its subsidiaries are also amongst the top 100 biggest Iranian companies, compared to IMI ranking system.
NSP Group owns some local and international subsidiary companies in various industries, which hold a vast variety of capabilities, required for covering their associated industrial value chains in:
• Mining and metals industries 
  - Owning mining licenses, exploration, exploitation, processing, production, and trading of copper & iron ore 
 - Financing & construction of concentrate, pelletizing, steel, and coal plants (EPC, EPCF, BOO, BOT,  investment)
  - Equipment design, manufacturing & procurement
• Agrifood industry
  - Production & trading of food and agricultural products
  - Owning different farms
• Water and wastewater industries
 - Design, procurement, and construction of desalination plants, residential and industrial  water and wastewater treatment plants, water pipelines, pumping stations and hydroelectric power plants (EPC, EPCF, BOO)
• Chemical products
  - Production & trading of disposable biodegradable containers
  - Production & trading of different chemicals
• Oil, gas & petrochemical industries
 - Design, procurement, and construction of oil & gas pipelines, storage tanks, desalination plants, and petrochemical refineries (EPC & F)
  - Equipment design, manufacturing & procurement