Financial & Trading Services
• Financing local & international investments and contracting projects.
• Trading   different   types   of   commodities,   raw   material, intermediate & finished products, equipment & machineries, spare parts, etc.
NSP group has spread a global business network among its international companies around the world. These companies professionally work on different types of trading from raw material to finished products. It consists of two different principal divisions:
• Agrifood commodities: different kinds of oilseeds, grains, animal feed and bio-friendly products.
• Industrial Equipment: steel materials, intermediate products, magnetic products and systems, material handling and ore processing equipment, oil fields equipment, spare parts, machineries, etc.
Having launched subsidiary companies in China (three companies), United Arab Emirates, and Oman, NSP group has aimed to establish companies in Europe and North America.
This synergetic network of sister companies act as a unique financial body. They can also play investment roles in international EPCF contracts or Joint-Ventures among our local companies and their international partners. Furthermore, they have individually the ability to act as a general contractor of large-scale and turn-key projects.