Bio-friendly products
• Producing and exporting a vast range of biodegradable disposable products based on corn
NSP Group is very concerned about the increasing amount of  petroleum-based, non-degradable materials  being used for disposable containers around the world.  By providing food industry with environmentally-friendly, recyclable, bio-degradable packaging alternatives, the Group hopes to help preserve the earth for future generations. 
Sustainable packaging is a relatively new addition to the environmental considerations for packaging. In this regard, more products are being made with a large percentage of recyclable green content, than ever before. Decreasing the use of non-renewable resources, these bio-friendly packaging materials help reduce global warming by preventing the augmentation of green house gases. In addition, they divert tons of plastic and other non-degradable materials from our landfills.
Having many years of experience in manufacturing and exporting disposable products to all around the world, NSP subsidiary company in this field pioneers in applying green technology and botanical materials to produce modern, hygienic, and compostable packaging for food, pharmaceutical and health products.