• Trading oilseeds and grains such as soybean, colza, sunflower, barley, and alfalfa
• Producing press cake and pelleted ration for animal feed industries
• Producing oil for the food processing, food service and biofuel industries
• Owning olive farms to produce olive oil
• Food and consumer retailing

Having many years of experience in contracting and manufacturing, NSP Group has entered into Agrifood industry in regard to its strategy to deepen activities in production and services. This newly-developed business line covers a vast range of activities in Agrifood value chain, from farm possession to producing and trading commodities, and finally to retailing.

Initially, the Group started farming activities by focusing on olives, as one of the richest food sources considering the required nutrients for human beings. The crops can be traded in both olive and olive oil.

As another stream, we are strongly focused on trading oilseeds and grains such as soybean, colza, sunflower, barley, and alfalfa. We also produce vegetable oil by processing different oilseeds. Furthermore, press cake is as a very valuable by-product of this process line which are totally used as pelleted ration for animal feed industries. Besides all these activities, we aim at entering into pastoralism as the near future plan.

Retailing is also a new business stream which is recently initiated by launching different retail branches in United Arab Emirates and Oman, for the first run.