Tubi Gostar Pasargad Agriculture Company was established in 2009 with the aim of creating an agricultural branch and started its activity in 2013.The company's lands in Qazvin province are behind the Manjil dam with an area of ​​138 hectares.In the first action in 2016, 60 hectares of the company's lands were cultivated with two varieties of yellow and manzanilla olives.These cultivars are dual-purpose and can be canned or oiled.The first product that could be offered to the consumer market of this company was sold in 2022 due to leakage.According to the development policies of the company, 50 hectares of the remaining lands were cultivated in 2023 with Arbikan and Karunayiki oil cultivars with dense cultivation on flat lands and terraced cultivation on sloping lands.One of the main and long-term goals of this company is to increase the level of its olive groves, enter and complete the chain of olives and olive oil with the private labeling brand from production to consumption.